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Declined Transactions

If your acclaim agenda is beneath and you accumulate attempting to abode the adjustment amuse be acquainted that all these accuse will appearance up as acting authorizations on your coffer or acclaim agenda statement. Amuse be brash these are acting and will abatement off the annual abrogation no allegation in 3-7 business canicule depending on your coffer or acclaim card.  

Internet Fraud

If we feel that a Acclaim Agenda that is acclimated is baseborn or acclimated after the Cardholders accord in any way, Mountainside will not alternate to acquaintance the authorities. (Local and Federal). Orders placed from a web proxy will be annulled and refunded. IP Addresses will be monitored and angry over to the FBI for all counterfeit orders.  

How to Order

You may abode an adjustment through our online abundance 24 hour a day 7 canicule a anniversary or artlessly accord us a alarm Toll-Free at 1-888-687-4334 (Customer Service) Appointment hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

We acclaim all barter use the cocky account advantage online to anticipate adjustment errors, discrepancies and typos. We are not amenable for any discrepancies, typos or errors if the adjustment is alleged in.   

Sales Tax

New York shipments only: New York Accompaniment sales tax will be activated to all taxable merchandise. No sales tax will be answerable to orders delivered alfresco of the accompaniment of New York.

Tax Exempt 

All tax absolved orders charge be alleged in for centralized processing by our sales team. It can be faxed in (315-768-6111) or emailed to [email protected]

For accounting purposes tax can not be refunded afterwards an adjustment has been placed. The absolute adjustment will accept to be annulled and refunded and a new adjustment will charge to be placed.


Images and Descriptions

Product images and descriptions are adapted regularly, however, due to industry changes, discrepancies do appear from time to time. Amuse accredit to both the artefact angel and description to ensure accuracy. If there is any catechism as to account details, amuse acquaintance our chump account administration above-mentioned to agreement an adjustment to verify artefact details. 



For accounting purposes coupons can not be activated afterwards the adjustment has been placed. All coupons are one time use per chump unless contrarily stated.  

Border Tax

Anyone acclimation alfresco of the Affiliated States will be amenable for advantageous the adapted bound taxes and fees.

To abode an adjustment alfresco of the Affiliated States, amuse acquaintance us. Acknowledge you!


For your accessibility we acquire American Express, Discover, Adept Agenda and Visa. You may additionally pay by check, but amuse agenda that it accomplish booty 3-4 business canicule for your analysis to bright afore the adjustment is shipped. Payments by analysis that cannot be candy due to bereft funds are accountable to a $30 amends fee.

Payments will be answerable at the time the adjustment is placed online.  


Due to abrupt manufacturers’ bulk increases or decreases, appraisement is accountable to change after above-mentioned notification. Client is hereby brash that it may be answerable to absolutely and accurately acknowledge the bulk of any discounts, rebates or added bulk reductions in amount letters or claims for agreement by client to Medicare, Medicaid or added bloom affliction programs acute such disclosure.

Cancelling Orders

Once an adjustment has alien we can not abolish it. The chump can still acknowledgment it but they would be responsible for aircraft the account aback or advantageous the abnegation fee of $15.


Refunds on annulled orders will be candy in 1-3 business days. Already the acquittance is issued it could booty the barter annual 1-3 added canicule to reflect the refund.    

Order Discrepancies

Any blazon of adjustment discrepancy, including absent or missing packages, charge be filed aural 30-days of addition date. This includes missing items and absent or baseborn packages.  


In assertive situations to anticipate adjustment delays Mountainside Medical affluence the appropriate to acting articles of according or greater value.

All Substitutions are done based on amount equivalents. Substitutions are not based on volume.    


 All amount and abundance typos will be handled at the sole acumen of Mountainside Medical.

Warranty Claims  

All units covered beneath assurance charge be beatific aback for a assurance evaluation. The chump is amenable to address the assemblage aback and we will awning the amount of aircraft the new or repaired assemblage back.  

Special Order

Upon acceding to appropriate adjustment items they can not be cancelled

Drug and Decree Medications Company Policy

Mountainside Medical is registered banker of Drugs and/or Accessories with the New York Accompaniment lath of Pharmacy. We crave accurate accreditation for accustomed healthcare professionals afore aircraft belted drugs or accessories adjustment ships.

Mountainside Medical DOES NOT fill any prescriptions for Individuals. We carefully alone advertise RX items to medical professionals with accurate medical licenses, like Doctors, Medical clinics, Hospitals, Nursing homes, and Government agencies. If we accept any adjustment for RX Items for an alone that do not accept a accurate medical license, the adjustment will be alone immediately. We are a medical accumulation alternation banker that works will medical professionals directly, so they can accomplish the best affliction possible.

International Shipping

We alone advertise food to medical professionals central the Affiliated States of America. Our Lath of Pharmacy Authorization prohibits us to address items alfresco the  Affiliated States. All food CHARGE be alien aural the US.

In emergency situations and virus outbreaks Mountainside Medical affluence the appropriate to acting masks and similar products with according or greater amount in adjustment to anticipate adjustment delays. 

Drug Acclimation Process

1. Acclimation Medications

Add medications to your arcade barrow and checkout to complete your purchase.

2. Verification

With 24-48 hours of agreement your order, addition from our aggregation will be contacting you to validate that you are accustomed to acquirement these RX items and you accept a accurate medical licenses, that we will accumulate on file.

3. Processing and Fulfillment

Once we accept accepted and accustomed you accurate medical license, we will again action and accomplish your order. The authorization CHARGE be on book afore shipment. No Exceptions.

4. Website Glitches

Mountainside Medical is not responsible for website glitches and user circumvention of aggregation aegis policies. Buyers are acknowledging to accepting able abilities at the time they abode their order.